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The following databases and websites are good starting points for Ministry research.

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1. Article Literature

Ministry related articles are indexed in the ATLA Religion Database. Starting your article search in this databases will usually yield the best results. PsychARTICLES covers journals published by the American Psychological Association, and would yield results in such areas as individual development, personality, behavior, etc. However, if you still can't find the right article, click on the Articles Tab to find more places to search.

2. Background Information

Typically the best place to start your reference search is in the Library's physical and electronic collection. We recommend beginning your search by looking at the books available in our Reference section, between the 240's and 260's. For a broader search, click on the Books Tab to search our catalog, or click on the Reference Tab for more ideas.  Background information can also be found using Oxford Handbooks on Religion Online. To do biblical research online use the Oxford Biblical Studies Online platform whcih includes 6 versions of the Bible, concordances, a one-volume commentary, Bible atlas, and a 5,000 entry biblical encyclopedia. 

3. Statistical Information

The Barna Group covers statistical analysis of cultural and church trends, and could be a good place to start. For more websites covering ministry related statistical information, click on the Websites tab.

4. Still can't find what you are looking for?

Ask a librarian! You can find our contact information on the right side of this page.