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MLA Citation Guide: Home

Help with citing using MLA guidelines.

MLA Format

To cite sources within your text, use parenthetical references. Example: Doe 12 (Doe = author, 12 = page number the sentence was derived from). 

The list of sources at the end of the text is called "Works Cited" (MLA 5.3). MLA requires that the reference list be double-spaced and that entries have a hanging indent of 1/2" if longer than one line (MLA 5.3.2).

Why Cite?

Ideas are valuable, and stealing them is a serious academic problem (not to mention a violation of the 8th commandment). Citations are the best way to show where you learned your ideas and give others the credit they deserve for sharing their valuable ideas. Citations also provide a roadmap for others to track down and discover the sources you accessed for themselves. 

However, we know citations can be cumbersome to learn. That is why we provide a number of tools to help you give credit where it is due. Hopefully this guide will help you learn about proper citations and enable you to use them correctly.


Citation guidelines and examples in this guide are derived from the following. Find it in our library at REF 808.027 M689 2009.

Modern Language Association of America. MLA Handbook for Writers of
         Research Papers.
 7th Ed. New York: The Modern Language Association
         of America, 2009. Print.

Whenever you see "MLA #.#," that is pointing you to a chapter section within the MLA Handbook.

Basic MLA Works Cited Format

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